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Project Description
Reg2CI is a Command-Line Tool to convert .POL (Policy) or .REG Files (Registry) into System Center Configuration Manager CI's (Configuration Items).

V0.7.0.10: Project moved to

V0.7.0.7: Fix exception if ampersand exists in registry value

V0.7.0.6 New: Support for .pol (GPO or local Policy Files)

Current Features

  • Convert the .POL or .REG File to a Single Setting CI which is using PowerShell to detect and remediate the Settings
  • Supported Registry DataTypes: DWord, QWord, string
  • Option to convert Reg and run CI as X86 process


Command-Line Parameters:
 Reg2CI.exe <Reg File> <Cab File> <Name of the CI> [/X86]
 Reg2CI.exe <POL File> <Cab File> <Name of the CI> [/X86] [/USER] 

Examples and Templates:


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